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From Electronic Garments to TeleHealth

The Healer TeleHealth System: Flexibility and Innovation


Our Healer R1, R2 and R3 wearable devices (Wearware) detect data thanks to their embedded sensors.

Logger KoR 1

The Logger KoR 1 is connected to the back of the garment, it stores the data and transfers it via 4G/5G/Wi-Fi.

physiological data platform

A platform that is both horizontal and vertical, data is sent securely to safe and private cloud storage.

Visualization and analysis

The physiological data are ready to be viewed and analyzed with advanced algorithms to detect events of interest.

Healer is certified in Europe (CE) as a class IIa medical device according to the applicable requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD) and 2007/47/EC

Going Further in Healing

Our devices perform extensive parametric analyses providing patients and their healthcare providers a deeper awareness of health. Many years of intensive research led us to the creation of a multi-parametric device, one that enables the discovery of new correlations between different physiological data captured at the same time.

A Revolution in Diagnosis

Our devices help doctors acquire precise, real and accurate data from patients during their daily activities in a non-invasive way. The simplicity of our devices enables the collection of physiological data without any stressful activities or discomfort. The Healer’s powerful diagnostic tools help doctors cure their patients by providing full visibility into patient health.

TeleHealth: The New Horizon of Medicine

The Healer technology constitutes a direct link between the patient and the hospital, enabling flexibility, overcoming distance issues and reducing hospitalization costs and wait times. Healer devices can remotely monitor patients in real life environments, providing the same comfort of clothing, instead of cables and adhesive sensors.

The Wearware: Healer R1, R2 and R3

We conceived our Healer R1, Healer R2 and Healer R3 wearware to collect the most accurate physiological data, without interfering with the lives of patients, since they are designed to adapt and fit different body morphologies.

To perform a simple monitoring test or to deliver precise diagnoses, our Healer devices are powerful solutions for the next generation of “doctor diagnoses”.

12 Lead ECG – 10 Dry Electrodes
3 Respiratory Mechanics
SpO2 Pulse-oximeter
IMU – For Movement Analysis

Our KoR 1 Logger

Our KoR 1 Logger is a flexible device able to communicate through different connectivity systems, from Bluetooth to 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi.
It is located behind the garment, and it is capable to store all the data with an internal memory and a rechargeable battery which guarantees an extended autonomy.

Thanks to its connectivity, KoR 1 Logger communicates directly to L.I.F.E.’s cloud storage and hospital applications to transfer data automatically in a fast, secure and simple way.

KoR 1 Logger Details

The Healer Software

Healer Desktop and Healer Cloud are the software components realized for patient registry management, exam storage, raw data visualization, physiological data signal visualization, and real-time data visualization.

Moreover, with Healer Desktop you’re able to perform an automatic analysis to identify cardiac, respiratory and sleep events of clinical interest. These can then be validated by a specialist to generate a diagnostic report.

The Healer R App

The Healer R App is the tool designed to configure the KoR 1 Logger, check the device’s status (planned or ongoing exams, battery, memory, and errors) and set up the connectivity. Furthermore, the app allows you to visualize data in real-time streaming and assess the quality of the signals.

An Innovation for Better Diagnosis

The Healer system helps doctors and hospitals reduce hospitalization time and costs, and therefore produce precise and efficient diagnostic workflows.

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