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Physiological Data

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X10X and X10Y are L.I.F.E.’s two distinct brands, chosen to represent the two types of body morphologies: female and male.
Physiological data does not lie. It is valuable currency that can pave the way to your highest self. Through our research we have developed tools to do just this. Tools that can help you express your truth

Our bodies are constantly generating physiological data. It is our nature to be truthful. With this in mind L.I.F.E. has designed sensor-embedded garments able to collect information which help us modify habits, improve wellbeing, and inspire optimal health.

Data Security

Immediately after your physiological data has been generated from the sensors in your garment, it will be encrypted inside of your garment on the Sensor Management System and protected, before being communicated and transferred. The SMS is the brain of the device: it integrates, synthesizes, protects and communicates your physiological data.

The freedom is yours, to transform your data into insight or share it with family members, personal trainers, or multiple medical institutions for second opinions. 
Your physiological data is yours: we don’t just protect it, you own it.

BWell Medical Devices

CTS-Med Man

BWell is certified CE in Europe, as a class IIa medical device according to MDD 93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EC. It does not diagnose, but collects the data necessary for diagnosis. For this reason, the garment is to be used by qualified medical personnel. A remote medical institution of your choice will examine your data and provide you with the results.
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L.I.F.E.’s PERFORMER CYCLIST device is a prototype specifically designed to help professional cyclists maximize their performances. The device generates and monitors athletes’ physiological data, allowing them to boost their performance in action during training or competition. 
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